SBTS Bench Ceremony

Saturday, August 13
10:00 AM
Our SBTS Bench at Deer Island
This year’s ceremony will be extra special, thanks to the generosity and imagination of one of our caregivers, Natalie Bayersdorfer. You don’t want to miss it.

DO NOT PARK in the usual guest parking by the large buoys.PROCEED to Deer Island’s main gate (Security Gate). Once there, MWRA staff will direct you to a parking lot closest to the bench.  If you cannot walk, golf carts will be available for the short distance to the bench.

For our newer members and guests, this is an annual ceremony to honor those we lost within the past year and to come together and let all of our “angels” know that they are still very much with us. As live flowers don’t fare well on the ocean, SBTS uses silk flowers to match our Angels personalities and tastes.
Each Angel is represented . We reminisce, laugh, cry and hug. (Our usual M.O.) We encourage the Angels’ family members to join us. Please feel free to bring relatives, SOs and spouses. Our Angels are:

Norma Serra
Coco Macken
Marie Petrilli-1999
Patty Davolio-2010
Doreen Perry-2010
Eleanor Noonan-2011
Lainie Zampanti-2011
Ann Marie Bucca-2011
Chris Palmer-2011
Debbie Abbott-2012
Juli Nichols-2013
Robin Imperato-2013
Irena Wilkerson-2014
Rona Mael-2014
Roseanne Tavares 2014
MaryAnn Lounsbury-2014
Glenna Mahar Carew-2014
Ann-Bonnie Baseman-2014
Doc Tacelli-2015
Maureen Sheehan-2015
Paul Bono-2015
Lorraine Bono-2015
Stephanie Saulnier-2015
Carol Moretti-2015

Joe Cernaro
Carol Manzo
Tamika Brooks
Sarah LaGrassa

Deer Island, which connects to the town of Winthrop, Masschusetts, is accessible by car.

For GPS, the address to use is 190 Tafts Avenue, Winthrop, MA 02152.
From Boston, the Callahan or the Ted Williams Tunnel, follow Route 1A North, McClellan Highway, until first traffic light.
Take right on Boardman Street to rotary, go half way around and continue on Saratoga Street
After passing “Entering Winthrop” sign take first right onto Pleasant Street (Route 145)
Discontinue following Route 145.
At “Stop” sign take a right on Shirley Street
Follow Shirley Street to Elliot Street take a right and follow Elliot Street around to the left.
Take a right on to Tafts Avenue and follow to the end. (Please note the speed limit is 20 MPH)
Check in at Security Gate.

From Revere Beach-
Eliot Circle at south end of Revere Beach
Follow Rte 145 to Tafts Ave
Take a right on to Tafts Avenue and follow to the end. (Please note the speed limit is 20 MPH)
Check in at Security Gate.

Questions or issues, call or text 617-913-9678-Linda C.
Our bench is located on the Boston Harbor side, just past the wind turbines.


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