It’s really hard to summarize what this group means to me in 1 paragraph.

On May 2, 2014, I was listening to the scariest words to ever pass my ears:  “You definitely have cancer”.   Terrified, I turned to my family for support- which I got.  Somehow, though, I was left with the feeling that I needed to be “strong” for those around me.  In retrospect, the fear in their voices was too much for me to handle.  I could not ‘really’ let go:  vent, cry, scream, etc.   

When I went to a Look Good, Feel Better class offered by the American Cancer Society, I met a woman who told me about SBTS.  Anxious to connect with others who ‘got it’, I came right home and requested to join.  Within minutes, I was embraced by the kindest, most generous and supportive people who allowed me to just BE…  I could process my journey at my own pace and express my fears honestly to people who “got it”.  I didn’t need to protect them…They could protect me from walking this path alone.  I will forever be grateful to each and every person who has touched my life through this group.  The Survivors are my family- and always will be.  

When I was feeling the most vulnerable, SBTS carried me through.  All my needs were attended to by SBTS:  emotional, spiritual, physical.  By sharing my burdens and offering relief, this group allowed me to heal.  I am proud to be a member for life and I feel so blessed to be in a position to help carry others as they join us during their most vulnerable time.

Beth Corcoran