When I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in October, 2014 I knew I needed to find a group that could walk through this journey with me. Even knowing  I had a wonderful family that was by my side and very supportive I needed to find people thatreally knew what I was feeling and going through. I was referred by a friend to join SBTS. It was history from that point on.

First off I had no idea what was ahead of me. I put my fighting gloves on and with the support of SBTS I started my journey. I started with Chemo first because the tumor was so large and aggressive and being Triple Negative was the best treatment for me.  After chemo I went for a single mastectomy.  Recovered for a few weeks, then off to six weeks of radiation Monday through Friday. I could of NEVER gotten through this time in my life without the support from SBTS.

I was declared cancer free on June, 29th 2015.  I am so grateful I found SBTS and will always be a part of this group to support and help others that are diagnosed and going through any type of cancer.  We are all in this together and knowing you have a group of wonderful people to support you in any way they can is a miracle.

Thank you SBTS for all that you do !!

Brenda Anthony