Pay It Forward

Our goal is to Pay It Forward. We nurture cancer patients and their families through treatment with love, experience and empathy. Beyond treatment, we help survivors maintain their quality of life through continued support, friendship and healthy living.

I could not have done it without SBTS. The first thing you think of when you hear “cancer support group” is NO WAY, Not for Me! A friend dragged me kicking and screaming to my first SBTS dinner and I fell in love immediately.  I was so amazed that these strangers wanted to help me and hug me and give me advise that the doctors never would.  All I wanted was to get through treatment so I could Pay It Forward too.


As an original member all I can say is how grateful my family and I are to have had this group in our lives during my second diagnosis this past summer. It has been quite odd to be on the receiving end but so much better than going at it alone as we did back in 2002. I so appreciate everything and everybody! Now that I have healed…again, I am ready to pay it forward once again.

Annette Anderson